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  1. One of my FAQs from job seekers is if a picture should go on a resume. While there are always exceptions, in most situations the answer is no. Read my recent LinkedIn post to learn why including a picture could … Continue reading
  2. There’s a saying in the careers industry that you’ll know it’s time to make a job or career change when you start asking yourself if it’s time to make a change. While there is truth to that, there’s more to … Continue reading
  3. Performance appraisal. Your annual review. This once-a-year process usually involves a self-assessment as well as feedback from a manager. If this is your first appraisal at your company, find out how it’s typically handled — and what it involves — … Continue reading
  4. If you’ve been looking for a new position and haven’t landed yet, it’s worth evaluating your approach to determine what might not be working. Go through this list and see what applies to you. Then, follow the suggestions to learn … Continue reading
  5. You’ve interviewed and sent thank you notes, so you’re done, right? Not quite. There are still a few more steps you can take to strengthen your candidacy. Follow-Up With Your References After writing your thank you note, you should also … Continue reading
  6. When you are one of many candidates being considered, what you do after the interview can set you apart significantly and increase your chances of being offered the job. The first — and most important — thing to do is … Continue reading
  7. You know that LinkedIn is no longer optional – it’s the #1 way to be found by recruiters and one of the easiest ways to grow your network and enhance your professional reputation. However, many busy executives (and which AREN’T … Continue reading
  8. Have you thought about joining an association but questioned investing the time and money? It’s time to re-visit the subject.  Seven out of ten adults are members of at least one association, which proves there must be personal or professional … Continue reading
  9. With the hiring slowdown that typically happens around the holidays, job seekers assume it’s a waste of time to reach out to companies in November and December. Nothing could be further from the truth! True, things do quiet down around … Continue reading
  10. In today’s tech filled world, where so much of business can be conducted online, we are seeing more web-based meetings, tutorials – and interviews. With companies cutting expenses whenever possible, it’s likely that someday you’ll be in the position of … Continue reading