Executive ResumeDrastically increase your odds of attaining interviews with a high-ROI resume. In this ultra-competitive economy where hundreds often apply to each open position, high-quality, accomplishment-driven marketing documents will give you the necessary edge to stand out.

With the Weeks Career Services resume package, you'll receive:
  1. An evaluation of what may have kept your original resume from capturing attention.
  2. A 60-minute telephone information gathering process, designed to draw out your strengths, interests, and goals and identify your transferable skills. (Bonus – helps with interview preparation!)
  3. An improved likelihood that your resume and cover letter will be picked up by applicant tracking software, which is often used to sift through hundreds of resumes before a person views them.
  4. A brand statement, defined during our work together, which can be parlayed into additional messaging (for example, your elevator pitch)
  5. An objective third-party who can determine which areas to highlight and which to downplay.
  6. A keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile that expresses your brand to readers, and increases your chances of being found by recruiters and employers.
  7. The final version of the resume, cover letter, e-note, and LinkedIn profile, after review by a professional proofreader.

For additional details on working together, please email or call 312-662-1410. Please contact Weeks Career Services Inc. for details.

Like everyone else looking for a job lately, I was barely even lucky enough to get a rejection letter. After about six months, I caved in and started looking at professional resume writers. That's when I found Charlotte Weeks. After she worked on my resume, I reposted it right away. Before I even got a chance to start applying, I got a phone call from a major Fortune 500 company for an interview. I hadn't even applied. They found my resume during a search on monster.com. After a few interviews, I got the job and started this month. I'm certainly excited about the new job; I just wish I wouldn't have waited so long to call Charlotte."
J.J., Operations

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